Een originele reclamecampagne voor KuilNicos, lastechnieken op een net wat andere, humoristische manier belicht.

ontwerp: type-b,
foto’s en beeldbewerking: studio-IK fotografie


i.s.m. type-b


i.s.m type-b
Happy Meat, (2008)

While the meat processing industry deliberately creates products that in no way remind us of the animals they are made of, the toy industry deliberately simplifies and exaggerates animal characteristics into caricature. Happy Meat combines the efficiency, functionality and aesthetics used in both worlds in a rather uncanny hybrid.

010708, (2008 – concept, art direction, photography)

Since the first of july 2008 it is forbidden to smoke in public spaces in the Netherlands. This sculpture is an ode to smokey times. Posters and postcards were printed and spread among bars and pubs.

Rubbertree, make a forest (2011) br: 2 meter, h: 3,20 meter, diep: 78 centimeter

By using an industrial product; car tires, the origin of the product; a rubbertree, is shown. During the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven the rubbertree is exposed as a part of the ‘Make a Forest’ project.

vetcat, (2013)

After chasing birds all spring and summer, in wintertime the tables are turned. The vetcat is made of nutritious seeds and frying fat.

Delfshaven i.s.m. PWS

Galerie 5319 is een kunstinitiatief van enkele enthousiaste buurtbewoners aan de Mathenesserdijk in Delfshaven, Rotterdam i.s.m Woningstichting PWS.